"Your natural charm and eloquence endeared you to our students. At the end of the school year, our students voted it the best class of the year and our school board decided to make it a graduation requirement."Frances S. Wise
Director, Cabrini Academy

About Us

Advisory Board

Richard Sands
Royal Keys is very delighted and proud to have the Right Honorable Richard Sands join the Advisory Board of Royal Keys International. Prince Phillip bestowed upon Richard the Grand Title of the Queen's Bodyguard of the Yeoman of the Guard Extraordinary, Her Majesty's Tower of London RVM ACRM for his 23 years of service to the Queen at the Tower.

Richard was recently awarded the Royal Victorian Medal (RVM) by Elizabeth II, Queen of England. The Royal Victorian Order is a dynastic order of knighthood and a house order of chivalry recognizing distinguished personal service to the Order's Sovereign, the reigning Monarch of the Commonwealth Realms, established in 1896.

Her Royal Highness Princess Ann (Grand Master of the Royal Victorian Order) also awarded Richard a Regimental Medal for enhancing the name of the Regiment of Music.

Yeoman Warder of the Guard Extraordinary Richard Sands spent 22 years in the service of the Queen's Army before his most recent service over the last 23 years at the Tower, for a total of 45 years continuous service to the Queen.

Richard Sands is an extraordinary asset as an Advisor to Royal Keys.

Elizabeth Sands
Elizabeth Sands, the wife of Richard Sands, has also joined the Royal Keys Advisory Board. She is a true and valued resource for Royal Keys International.

Elizabeth has also worked in the Queen's service at the White Tower as a Warden.

The White Tower has functioned variously as an armory, a treasury, a menagerie, the central keep of the Tower of London, which is its historical home. William the Conqueror built the castle, which later became known as the Tower of London, in 1066.

The Tower has been the home of the Royal Mint, a public records office, and the home of the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom. Elizabeth has additionally organized and designed the flower arrangements for the Royal Chapel.

Elizabeth brings a wealth of knowledge regarding Protocol and the historical background of Chivalry and Courtly Behavior.

Ingrid Summerfield
Ingrid Summerfield is a native of Germany who lived in France for many years and finished her education in Switzerland and California.

Ingrid is a highly Accomplished, Motivated, and Respected Executive with an experience of over twenty-five years in the Hospitality Industry and Public Relations. Ingrid has held various positions on the Boards of the Hotel Council, Union Square Association, the S.F. Local Homeless Coordinating Board, Goodwill Industries, and Quest for Dignity, facilitating the achievement of their goals. Royal Keys is very fortunate to have Ingrid Summerfield on the Advisory Board.

Luisa S. Johnson Ph.D.
Dr. Johnson has been a Clinical Psychologist in private practice in Westlake Village, CA since 1985. She works with individuals and families on improving emotional health through positive parenting and peer relationships.

Dr. Johnson believes that social arts are the integral part of building self-esteem, confidence and strong families within our communities.

Dr. Johnson is an accomplished Artist working with sculpture in Bronze and Resin as well as Photography.

We are proud to have Dr. Luisa Johnson as a member of our Advisory Board.

Octavio F. Delgado, Ph.D.
Dr. Delgado received his Ph.D. in Psychology from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. He has been a licensed Clinical Psychologist since 1988. He worked in private practice in the Los Angeles area for several years and is the Founder/President and current Clinical Director of PaladinEastside Psychological Services, a Community based clinic that provides mental health services to over 700 children and families per week. Dr. Delgado was the director of a program dealing with abuse in a large community mental health center in Los Angeles.

His expertise includes working with children and their families on various issues related to attention deficit disorders, conduct disorders, anxiety problems, depression, school-related difficulties, crisis intervention, child abuse/domestic violence issues, and various forms of aggressive behavior.

Since 1988, Dr. Delgado has been a member of the 730 panel of Expert Witnesses for the Superior Court of Los Angeles conducting psychological evaluations, a Consultant to the Public Health Service of the National Institute of Mental Health, and has served as a liaison with various community based organizations in providing mental health services. He currently is involved in training future therapists on providing community based mental health services to a diverse population.

We are very pleased and honored to have Dr. Delgado as a member of our Board of Directors.

Helen Clifford
Born in New York, Helen Clifford majored in Medieval Spanish Literature at Oberlin College where she began her Design and Costuming background in 1965.

For the last 18 years Helen has Co-Managed one of the largest Renaissance historical re-enactment guilds in Northern America. She takes great care about the beauty, authenticity, and durability of her costumes as well as all the things she creates to the very last detail.

Helen also trains actors about the behavior and history of the times, specializing in the Victorian and Renaissance Era. Helen Clifford creates magic in whatever she touches.

Steven Vann Smith
Steven Vann Smith is a Professor of Ethics, an International Lecturer in Ethics, and a Senior Manager in Pharmaceutical Research he also holds degrees in Psychology, Theology, and Molecular Biology.

Professor Smith has been a Presidential Task Force Medal recipient, a Pharmaceutical Speakers Bureau member, a High School Teacher and Coach, an experienced Youth Mentor as well as a recipient of the "Outstanding Young Men of America" Award.

Professor Smith's education, research, teaching, lecturing and ethics expertise, as well as his extensive experience with youth makes him an asset for Royal Keys.

Theodore D'Este
With degrees in Psychology and Theology, Mr. D'Este has been with Social Services for 32 years in the areas of Child Protective Services, Rehabilitation, and Teenage Drug Rehabilitation.

Mr. D'Este has also been an Actor in Broadway shows on the West Coast.

He is an Acting Coach and has been the Creator, Director, Producer, Trainer and Historian of one the largest Renaissance historical re-enactment guilds in Northern California.

His experience and insight, not only with children and adults at risk, but also his acting and historian experience provides a valuable resource for Royal Keys.