"Your natural charm and eloquence endeared you to our students. At the end of the school year, our students voted it the best class of the year and our school board decided to make it a graduation requirement."
Frances S. Wise
Director, Cabrini Academy

Classes & Seminars

Better Relationships

What happened to Being Kind to Others?

What do you want to leave behind as your legacy? What will people say about you and your relationships, or for that matter what are they saying now?

The difference between who you are and who you will become is how you deal with everyday situations®. As our world becomes larger and people live in masses, rules need to be taught just to survive and make positive, civil relationships. Rudeness, crudeness, thoughtlessness and uncivilized behavior seems to be shaping the world today.

Royal Keys® is addressing social-behavioral problems and correcting them, before they become habits in both children and adults.

To a child, warmth and affirmation are as important as food and oxygen. We need a direction in social-emotional behavior and self esteem in order to have the opportunity to flourish in our relationships. With Royal Keys®, you will get the upper hand in making and choosing and nurturing the right relationships.

We only have a few years to teach these valuable skills to our children and it is never too late to start for you. Royal Keys® will help you achieve a better quality of life. Royal Keys® will open the doors to success and unlock the door to your potential, changing you and your future for the better.

Royal Keys® is dedicated to helping and working to encourage: self-worth, social-emotional development, conflict resolution, character building, tolerance, bully-proofing, etiquette and much more. Our special classes are adaptable to many situations and needs. We have prepared many different classes to help you, in personal and business relationships, as well as helping your children bloom and be the best they can be in a fun, creative and exciting ways. When you learn the Royal Keys® method, you not only change but people change towards you as well.

We over have over 50 programs with fun activities that give value to the purpose of being a better person, and learning how to communicate effectively with others.