"Your natural charm and eloquence endeared you to our students. At the end of the school year, our students voted it the best class of the year and our school board decided to make it a graduation requirement."
Frances S. Wise
Director, Cabrini Academy

Classes & Seminars

Schools & Daycare Centers

Royal Keys offers exciting and fun hands-on classes to Schools and Daycare Centers as well as After-School Enrichment Programs.

Royal Keys style is flexible and adapts to many situations or challenges that need to be addressed.

Children have fun playing games, saying rhymes, drawing, role-playing and learning history, all in an exciting hands-on safe environment.

Our experience is a noticeable improvement in everyday behavior, and improved personal sense of confidence and a feeling of accomplishment.

The difference between who you are today and who you will become is how you deal with everyday situations. With a few simple rules your whole life will change and new opportunities will come into your life.

Queen of Royal Keys

Greeting from the QueenOne of our most demanded programs is the Queen of Royal Keys. This program teaches the history of Etiquette and Behavior. Children learn etiquette and Courtesy with the understanding that they are being prepared to meet the Queen. The Last day, Her Royal Majesty appears and dubs the children Knights and Princesses, with a Certificate of Accomplishment. She then will sit and have tea with the children as they use all their new skills and have a royal conversation.

The Key To Bully Proofing

Bully Proofing! This is a program that teaches Safe and Peaceful Solutions that solve problems and reduce conflicts, keeping violence away from children and strengthening their self-worth.

Through Games and Role-Playing, Royal Keys will help students think about their behavior, attitude, compassion, anger management, empathy and tolerance. Students will explore ways they can ease the social isolation, deal with criticism, and learn effective communication strategies. Students examine the characteristics and attitudes that are needed for successful interaction in today's society.

This important program shows students how a positive caring attitude will help them reach their goals and problem solve and make peaceful, healthy, positive and safe choices.

  • Learn how to make better decisions and choices.
  • Respect yourself and others.
  • Step up to Peace.
  • Prevent Violence
  • Resolve Conflicts
  • Have Empathy
  • Manage your Anger
  • Deal with Bullies and Troublemakers.