"Your natural charm and eloquence endeared you to our students. At the end of the school year, our students voted it the best class of the year and our school board decided to make it a graduation requirement."
Frances S. Wise
Director, Cabrini Academy

How do I learn more about the Royal Keys franchise opportunity? First, you may contact us by phone at 1-866-ROYL-KZS (1-866-769-5597). We can also be reached via email at questions@royalkeys.com You may also complete the Franchise Inquiry Form and we will contact you following our receipt of the Form. Following your initial contact, we will provide you with our Franchise Information Packet and Preliminary Consideration Form. The information contained in the Packet will answer some of your initial questions. Following your receipt of the packet, we will contact you to discuss the franchise business in more detail and answer additional questions you may have. Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision. We recognize that purchasing a franchise is a life-changing decision so we will do everything we can to make the process as stress-free as possible!

I've never looked at franchises before. What should I know about the process? Franchising has proven to be an extremely successful method of expansion. In essence, franchising permits individuals to benefit from a company's success and avoid time and expense associated with learning about a business from the "ground up." Franchising is regulated by the FTC and in certain cases, individual states. Franchise companies are required to comply with both Federal and State franchise laws and regulations related to the offering and sale of franchises.

You will find that all compliant franchise companies follow similar paths in introducing prospective franchisees to their franchise. For example, you must receive the franchisor's (Royal Keys) FTC Disclosure Document at least fourteen days prior to signing the Agreement or paying any money to the franchise company (Royal Keys). The disclosure document includes the FTC Disclosure, Franchise Agreement and additional Exhibits (such as financial statements and the Operation Manual Table of Contents). The Disclosure Document provides information about the franchise company and various contractual provisions contained in the franchise agreement. You will learn a great deal about the company (Royal Keys) and the franchise business through your careful review of the documents.

What qualifications are required to become a Royal Keys franchisee? Royal Keys is looking for fun, and creative people who care about others and are passionate about making a difference in the world! We are looking for individuals who have a strong work-ethic and the willingness to follow our proven system. We are confident in our ability to train individuals to successfully duplicate our system. Franchisees must also have the minimum financial qualifications necessary to fund the opening of the franchise and the first few months of operation. You may also wish to view the required Initial Investment.

What type of training will I receive? Initial franchise training averages 3-5 days. We will come to you and train at your location. We will help you set up your territory. Training covers all aspects of the Franchise Operation, including advertising and marketing, class lesson plans, sales, and much more. Following the initial training program, we spend two to three days providing on-site assistance in your Territory.

What type of support do you provide? Our success is measured by the success of our franchisees. Royal Keys is committed to providing quality support services that positively impact your Franchise. You can read more about our support services in the Training & Support section.

How long does it take to begin operating a franchise? We estimate that the typical length of time between signing the Franchise Agreement and opening a Franchise is 30 to 60 days. This includes the time necessary for you to complete our initial franchise training program.

How large is a franchise territory and will I have an exclusive territory in which to operate? Your Exclusive Territory is a geographic area that we designate as your "Designated Marketing Area." Your Exclusive Territory includes a minimum of 50,000 households.

Do you assist Franchisees with the process of hiring teachers? We provide Franchisees with comprehensive information to assist them in recruiting, hiring, training, and managing teachers.

Can I be an absentee owner? Yes, provided that we approve your Manager and they successfully complete our initial training program. However, we encourage caution in putting your franchise business in the hands of an employee, who may elect to move on to a different opportunity at some point in the future.

How do I obtain a copy of your Disclosure Document? We will review the franchise document with you and provide a copy to you for review with your attorney and/or accountant. It is important that you fully understand the legal documents and by reviewing them with you during your visit, your initial questions can be answered.

I live in a Franchise Registration State, how soon can I receive information about the franchise? There are 15 Registration States in the U.S., and Franchisors are required to register with each state before discussing the franchise with residents of those states. If you would like to know the status of our registration with your state, please contact the appropriate state agency to verify the status of our registration in your state. A list of state agencies is available at: http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/franchise/netdiscl.shtm